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Renga – Dead Men (Jilly/qbit)

They answer like dead men
A sound silent as a thought

Rhapsody of the Deep begs for redemption,
Our mirrored voices too dark to know

Improvised songs from thermal vents
Frequencies whales only hear

Did I evolve from lethal smiles?
Dive for this poison, dive for this hunger

Only to modulate to that minor key
Cecilia’s Café D

Where wrapped in lexicons of blues and saints
Arpeggiated blessings sound

Refracted images of flotsam refrains
Repeating hymns of reanimation

Scrimshaw chorus plays with light
Jaws of life bring joy

Epic lines and tragic flaws
fluted on the waves

Whose questions quiet cetaceous storms
Jubilation and laughter well from the sea



A wild soul writing poetry.

54 thoughts on “Renga – Dead Men (Jilly/qbit)

      1. I think I was mostly just throwing in with the saint, and some hope of return to the beginning at some point. Don’t know how to keep the whales afloat.

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  1. Wow! I’m into another dimension here. Cool stuff, but way different than what you and I came up with, Jill! q, my man, you take things in another direction. And that’s cool. That’s cool!

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