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Renga – Dead Men (Jilly/Charley)

They answer like dead men
A sound silent as a thought

words still as those graven
and uttered like mute birds caught

perilous the journey through synapses
binding wings and tongues confined

unuttered lights high in barren copses
guide to truth the deaf and blind

specters of unanswered prayers
searing darkness stirs the voice to sight

angel’s wings unused turn grayer
lightning’s torch chases spirits to flight

awake! arise! deadened senses revive
snatched from the gates of hell

draw out of the pit where silences thrive
unsound the mumming knell

resuscitating tongues untied
cataracts of fire refined

answers voiced and mortem belied
a rush of sound now divined





A wild soul writing poetry.

42 thoughts on “Renga – Dead Men (Jilly/Charley)

      1. Charley – unfortunately the crystal ball shows you never actually own a Maserati. Sorry about the bad news. But it does show you using “Maserati” in a poem. Best of luck.

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      2. I accept that challenge! Not only will I use it in a poem… I’ll do what I can to test drive one. Not sure I want to own one. When I was a weatherman in the Air Force, our unofficial slogan was that we did it with crystal balls. …forecasting, that is.

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  1. Working through this now… I love the rhyming, and the epic meter and voicing. You guys kept really close to a single voice, I can’t really detect that this is two people.

    “perilous the journey through synapses” is amazing, as us “answers voiced and mortem belied”. My mind is doing a post-mortem on that!!

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