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What Dark May Come

Number the Octobers that have risen and set
since last I fingered the vertebrae of the galaxy
as it ribbed across the midnight blue,
(my favorite in the box of 64 with a sharpener)
How many yellow-orange halogen glows
super-center the corroded sky, denying
my telescope little more than
Love’s pearl white disc
burnt sienna Bradbury imaginings of
rings and Europa?

What is our fear worth?
Bittersweet unheard colors
Earth’s forest green cry

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

Posted for Frank J. Tassone’s Haikai Challenge #4 referencing or using the word Darkness.  My thanks to Frank for indulging my resistance to restraint and encouraging me to play with the limits on Japanese poetic forms. 



A wild soul writing poetry.

18 thoughts on “What Dark May Come

  1. I love this! You addressed the scared-of-the-dark light pollution we have created; so many people would lose their minds if they saw what the night sky really looks like! You wrote cleverly around the issue as you colored outside the lines for your haibun. Worthy Haiku, Jill!

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    1. Thank you, Charley! I have a great longing to go somewhere in which the Milky Way is visible – it has been too many years since I have seen it and that yearning birthed this poem.


    1. That first and last lines were originally switched – my writing partner suggested this order. What say you? (at the very least, I’m pleased that I could swap them!)


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