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A Blessing for our Daughters

Sarah Connor (Sarah Southwest) put forth a lovely Retourne as a Challenge for the October “Casting Bricks to Attract Jade.”  Her opening stanza was for the occasion of her daughter’s 16th birthday and I thoroughly enjoyed completing her Blessing for My Daughter, keeping my own daughter in mind as I wrote.  Sarah’s words are in bold.

May your heart sing like the ocean,
May the air be clear around you,
May your midnight flame burn bright,
May your feet find firm ground to stand

May the air be clear around you
Words of kindness swirl about you
As a fresh breeze filling your lungs
and exhaling truth with your tongue

May your midnight flame burn bright
When your soul passes that dark night
The rays of the bold morning sun
Flood your eyes when trial is done

May your feet find firm ground to stand
and in scree, a friend’s proffered hand,
In all your day’s strange commotion
Shall you ever have my devotion.

© Connor / Lyman Collaboration

Everyone is welcome to join in with our collaborative poetry project of “Casting Bricks to Attract Jade!”  We begin fresh on the first Friday of each month.  A permalink can be found on the sidebar to your right.



A wild soul writing poetry.

3 thoughts on “A Blessing for our Daughters

  1. The long echo of the “May you…” blessing form works really well with the line repetitions between verses. Gives everything a resonance and depth. But none of that really matters vs the love and hope you bring to the page.

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