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Falling Passion – a Dodoitsu

passion flower foliage

tough love set with pruning shears

chemo cut before the storm

now returns to life


© Jilly’s All Rights Reserved

Posted for Frank’s Haikai Challenge #3 Foliage

The seasonal words of Japanese poetry vary by the region in which the poet lives.  Autumn in Florida means not color change nor falling leaves; it is our Hurricane Season (storm) and that long-awaited end of the heat.  It is that season which turns to tourists and outdoor festivals; it is that season when my Passion Vine can still shine, in spite of her pruning. The Dodoitsu is intended to be about work or love, and while it ought to have a comical twist, I chose to ignore that rule, just as the vine ignores the fact that many consider her a weed.  😉

Photo by Jilly




A wild soul writing poetry.

14 thoughts on “Falling Passion – a Dodoitsu

  1. This is a form I will want to try. (I’m not certain I’m up to the challenge of adding humor, ‘though!) Your Passion flower is an amazement. The “tough love” “chemo pruning” is a wonderfully whimsical way of expressing what must have been a deeply-felt cut on your part.

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