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Renga – Geometry (Jilly /Sarah SW)

A circle within
The well of infrequent tongues
Radius opens

Fibonacci sequences
Spiraling my fingertips

Primitive riddles
In sunflower’s eye are held
Voices sing out loud

The universe is dancing
Steps of fractal precision

Ribbons of crystal-
line explosions expanding
Inward gravitas

Outward, a centrifugal
Joy in movement, energy

Dark vitality
A matter of mystery
God’s hands compressing

We are gravity’s children
Held in eternal embrace

The circle contracts
Celestial hymn intones
Radial refrain

Time, space, matter energy –
Double helix corkscrewing.



A Classic Renga by two amazing poetess divas; Jilly & Sarah Southwest!  Interested in joining in with some collaborative poetry?  Join us over at Jilly’s October Challenge of Casting Bricks to attract Jade; everyone is welcome!


A wild soul writing poetry.

42 thoughts on “Renga – Geometry (Jilly /Sarah SW)

      1. Indeed; I’m working on something to define all of this… The Fibonacci Sequences keeps calling me back and I may do a bit of editing on the sunflower line that will help. Are you okay with a slight departure from pure science?


      1. I need to pop over to your other one – haven’t been there since the first 2 couplets. Our game clock is ticking and I’m frozen in mid-shot… bounce, bounce, bounce…


  1. I’m really pleased with this. Physics AND metaphysics! I think we circle around something about the fundamentals of life here. It has been great to do this with you. I’m enjoying the whole collaboration thing a lot 😊

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      1. Interesting question. I wonder how our interpretations will vary? For me, it makes me think about the fact that the infinite variety and beauty of Life, the Universe and Everything are down to a relatively small number of apparently simple rules. From them come the spirals in a sunflower, the stars, us…

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      2. Great summation! The small number of rules that order everything. Wrapping up with the DNA strand was essential! I think I went more spiritual on it with the dark matter/dark energy being the hands of God and your line about being held in the embrace of gravity. The thing I was reaching for (and missing) in the sunflower line was the 3rd eye / seat of the soul concept in the human brain where the Fibonacci sequence occurs. Reading again, I am amazed at how well we played this; you challenge me!


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