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On Circumnavigating the Peach

He travels
through episodes
of marginalia
lavishly neglecting
the peel, where flavor
resides, instead sucking
insensibility from the flesh
spraining his ankle
on the pocked
surface of the pit

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved


A wild soul writing poetry.

22 thoughts on “On Circumnavigating the Peach

  1. I love the way you send this man on a voyage, unprepared to take in “where flavor resides.” He is left, like many of us, on a whirlwind tour of “episodes of marginalia.” He’s missing the meat of life (or vegetables), instead “sucking insensibility.” Too true! Too real! I’d take the hint!

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      1. You welcome, Jilly.

        I’ve been here all this time…I just take a few days break and come back. And speaking of coming back I posted a new poem yesterday and this one is a bizarre poem. One which you’ll need to use Google as your dictionary source. 🙂

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