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Stale Mate

O bland Adonis
she fell for his
six-pack abdomis

Movie and dinner
proffered he
with smiles sure
to swoon every she

Milk-toast he
turned out to be
with rippling
curls his brains

A second date?
No enspicement
such a flavorless fate
tempted she!

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

This brought out the Silly Jilly side of me; no apology. 

Mish spices up our Quadrille writing over at dVerse tonight!  Join us 🙂



A wild soul writing poetry.

43 thoughts on “Stale Mate

  1. You’ve made me chuckle at 9 o’clock on a Tuesday morning, Jilly, with the ‘six-pack abdomis’ and
    the brains unfurling with ‘rippling curls’. And ‘enspicement’ is another word to add to my collection!

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  2. LOVE the title here…and this really made me smile! Thinking of those high school boys I so admired, the captains of the football team….and then you see them at the 50th reunion and….:) Yep. Milk toast 🙂 This was a fun one!

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