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Vernal Flutter Takes Flight

Taking up the Challenge from Colin Lee, here is my completion of his Vernal Flutter.  I invite you all to join in with the Casting Bricks September Challenge where we collaborate and enjoy each other’s work.  There are nearly 2 weeks remaining in the September Challenge.  (I will roll out the October Challenge on Friday, October 6th.)  All are welcome!

I have kept Colin’s rhyme scheme and, hopefully, his voice in this.  His words are in bold.

Awake my soul into a dream
A dream of robins’ poetry
Whereon tickly fluff of dandelions rhymes
And in silken crepuscular rays the verses stream
I hear a heartbeat
Dripping warm dewdrops of mead
Into the wind
Into her melodies of angelic sweet

Awake my soul to a poet’s scheme
A scheme of heron’s rhymes
Whereon snail’s spherical shells imagery curves
And in nocturnal dreams are lunar beams
I hear a wingbeat
Echoing soft reverberations of sweet wine
Into my core
Into her descants spring is complete.

© Lyman / Lee Collaboration



A wild soul writing poetry.

17 thoughts on “Vernal Flutter Takes Flight

  1. My apologies for taking so long to get here! Wow! Amazing write, my friend. I feel sheepish that you (you, the Great Jilly!) committed yourself to the unintended “form” (while I didn’t have any restrain in mind as I wrote my half). Having said that, your nocturnal reflection to the earlier daydream indeed has completed the mystery into a holistic experience, where the sweetness sinks in and the echos slowly lull the poet into his “dream”. I enjoy reading it enormously. Thank you!

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    1. I’m so glad you approve, Colin! I love working from the form, even if it was not intended. It was actually freeing.
      One more thing – could I take that ‘Great Jilly’ comment and send it to my 10th grade PE teacher? Sign me ‘Humbled Jilly’

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