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Casting Bricks – Jilly’s September Challenge

Casting Bricks

Jilly’s September Challenge!  

Welcome, again, my Poetic Friends, to another round of Collaborative Poetry; I’m thrilled to have you here!  It’s hard to believe that August is over already.  We had such a great time writing Challenge Poems and completing one another’s words in the August Challenge.  The link for August remains open, so you are certainly welcome to return there and complete any of the Challenges that were posted.

I am ready to getting September rolling and plan to get my Half Poem Challenge posted soon.  I look forward to hosting the fun again this month.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Write a half poem and post it to your blog with a link or tag back to this page (Jilly’s September Challenge).
  2. If your Challenge poem is a form (sonnet, quadrille, etc.) please state as such and give a quick review of the form or a link to a site that does that for you.
  3. Stop by here and add your Challenge link to our Mr. Linky.
  4. Find other Challenges that you would like to complete.
  5. Write the 2nd half of their poem and post the entire poem to your blog.
  6. Return here to our Mr. Linky again and post the link to that completed poem.
  7. You may also want to put a comment on the other person’s original Challenge post to let them know you have accepted their challenge.
  8. Spread the word! Extend the invitation to your other poet friends to join us.  We are a crazy, friendly bunch, after all!

NOTE:  In order to keep the links for Challenges (your half poem) different from the links for the Completed Poems, I suggest the following:  When posting your Challenge half poem, post the name you would normally use along with the word ‘Challenge’ behind it.  ex: Jilly Challenge.

When posting the link for a Completed Challenge, post your user name & the name of the person whose Challenge you completed.  ex: Jilly Colin  (if I am completing a challenge put out there by our good friend Colin Lee.)

There is no expiration on our Mr. Linky, so feel free to post new challenges and completed challenges throughout the month.  Feel free to complete as many or as few challenges as you feel comfortable with.   Most importantly, have fun & flex your poetic muscles!   Cheers!  ~ Jilly

LATE BREAKING NEWS:  Qbit at The Quantumverse has suggested a Renga, which is a Japanese collaborative poem that involves many participants!  Love the idea!  He will take the lead with this, so watch for his Link called Qbit Renga Challenge and pay attention to the little details.  This one will be great fun and a source of blogging confuddlement, but hey, what are we if not a bit crazy!  🙂



A wild soul writing poetry.

75 thoughts on “Casting Bricks – Jilly’s September Challenge

  1. The renga sounds like an interesting pattern for collaboration. On Monday, dVerse has its haibun prompt. I will link mine as the first half of a double haibun just to see if that form works as a collaboration.

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    1. Frank — do you want to join me, nosaint and colorful on the Jumpstart Renga? I think so, since I saw your likes and comments over there. Just confirm by reply to this and I’ll get us started.

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      1. We have one working copy in Mr. Linky for you, me, Charlie, and Madaket. Looks like we will have another version for nosaint, colorful, me, and maybe Frank.

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  2. OK, I put the Renga Challenge in Mr. Linky. Now do we go back and forth on that copy of the prompt, or do I clone it for the Jilly/Charlie/Madaket/Qbit live version. E.g., leave the challenge open, but we craft our specific version? I think so, but don’t want to overcomplicate things.

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      1. Ha! I’m totally lost in these threads because they all come to me. Y’all get this going while I have my Cars-in-the-freaking-shop-again nervous breakdown and a generous pour.


      2. Sure. Assuming you want to use the lead-off I’ve posted, you would go next. How many more people do you want in our round? Once we have them, I will launch and link the working post.


  3. Did I just see my name called (winter, spring, summer or fall …)? Sorry to have popped in late, Jilly and folks. With two monkeys and a newborn princess, I just had a heck of a weekend and had to nap through my lunch break today in the factory. (Going to work is a treat indeed.) Slowly thawing my sleep-deprived brain, and will definitely be around reading and writing this month. 🙂

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      1. I’ve read a bit tonight. Speaking of crazy, you guys are poetic fanatics! How I love the energy and how you guys make it spontaneous and fun. Great job!

        I’m soaking in thoughts and inspirations right now; hopefully in writing mode soon. 😉

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