18 thoughts on “Voiceless

    1. Very much! But also, the second part is about having the nerve to dig deep within ourselves. The mindlessness numbs us to who we really are. When my students come down the hall with thier heads in their phones, I call them the walking dead. LOL!


      1. Oh I love this! Yes, when you turn off all devices and are alone with yourself, that is when you create and not just consume. I don’t know why but I am always surprised every time I write something. Thanks for letting me in on that aspect of it, I love it!

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      2. Yes! But, it also takes all the courage I can must to be alone with myself. I mean, the woman is crazy, afterall… 🙂
        It always makes my day to read your work, my friend, and to dig through this stuff.


  1. I love the way you formatted this poem, Jill! It says in shape what the words are getting at. I love the “nightmares dwelling within the gift of silence.” It makes one consider how crazy a day of quiet would drive one. (Notice the pompous use of “one.” Makes it seem… I don’t know… literate somehow!)

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    1. One would, most certainly, go a bit bonkers, if one understands your meaning, Charley! Thanks for reading my craziness! And thanks for loaning that phrase for this poem. Out of the mouths of babes….


  2. This is good!! I wondered about the meaning behind it on first read. I like the formatting. The cramped, no room-for-else feeling of the chit-like wires. And the kind of stretching and leaving more room for our own thoughts when we step away from all the “noise”. I’d say I find a certain amount of quiet more comforting than the constant plugged in-ness. A nice balance is good, but can be hard to achieve at times, I know.

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      1. It does. For all the quiet that I like, I also seem to escape it quite often, mostly with music. I suppose the noise can be a good thing. The muse seems to thrive when we’re going about other things, making noise, living life.

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  3. You and I, share the same connection to these numb walking dead I-phone junkies. I wonder if humans ever ask themselves…I’ll put away by phone and unplug myself from all devices just for a couple of hours and enjoy life in its must beautiful and chaotic ways.

    I relate to what your are feeling. Brilliantly written poem. 🙂

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