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Day Off sans Descriptors

Charley at Life in Portofino threw down a Casting Bricks Challenge that was too good to pass up.  The last line of his half-poem: “To describe without descriptors” begged to be met with emotion rather than adjectives.  I wrote this fast with little editing, so it may need work, but I lack the raw energy for that.  Oh well, his words are in bold and mine follow.

Our days of release
are uninspiring,
dusty cotton gray.
I recline half conscious,
murmur my desire:
describe without descriptors
the roll of the pond,
the nod of the trees.

a riot had been planned
the pines pulled up
scrub oaks
club oaks
catalpas tied back
their vines
with bandanas
weaving blossoms into chains
a puff of crows flew off
leaving only brooding vultures
in the branches

but the outflow boundary
disappointingly didn’t
quite make it that far
and the long-hoped-for
downburst simply didn’t show

so that nothing more than
bitching and leaf rustling
whistled through them
as they stood around
the water-cooler lake
picking the occasional
bass or adjective from their teeth.

© Jilly / Charley Collaborative Poetry

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A wild soul writing poetry.

19 thoughts on “Day Off sans Descriptors

  1. Uh, wow! How little I suspected this kind of mayhem brewing without as I reclined upon the divan, ingesting peeled grapes. You rock, Jilly! This goes from my maudlin musing reflective rumination to utter chaos. I love the shift!

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  2. Excellent collaboration! Loved the brooding vultures and picking adjectives from their teeth. You picked this up, ran with it, and spiked it in the end zone. Okay, I don’t even like football so I don’t know where that came from. Anyway, this is so good!!


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