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A Completely Livable Parade

Keep time insane
sync your brain to
the cradle
a completely livable
parade marching toward
the grave
playing forbidden trust
against your severe youth

never forget the sun
is sinking like a stone

there is no reason
for your heart to beat
one more thump
than it is destined
for knowing sometimes
the unexplained can
define you

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

Musical Muse is our Poetics tonight at dVerse with our host, Mish.  Join us!

Nickel Creek Hanging By a Thread


A wild soul writing poetry.

24 thoughts on “A Completely Livable Parade

  1. “playing forbidden trust / against your severe youth” — this should be printed on high school spirit wear! Your poem is one great line grafted onto another, Jilly! And as for this song… how did you pick only one line? Your poem does the song credit. Great work!

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      1. As much as I love music, it took me a while to find something that did anything for me. So, Sara Watkins is in Nickel Creek? I didn’t know that. I’d only heard of her from someone who’s seen her on A Prairie Home Companion. Guess I didn’t make the connection.

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      2. Here’s the rest of the connection; Nickel Creek was Sarah Watkins, Sean Watkins, and Chris Thille. Thille is the new host of PHC. The band broke up quite a few years ago.

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