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Day 28 – The Magi

Whoop!  Day 28!!!  A few days ago I was musing over the fact that so many of my poems are about nature, the moon, & etc.  “Why don’t I write about something mundane, like that bent Road Work Ahead sign or a traffic light?”  My mind composed this in the wee small hours and it seems a fitting finality to these amazing 28 Days of Unreason.  Once again, the words of Jim Harrison from Songs of Unreason have been mind-expanding and a true source of inspiration.  Thank you to all who have joined in, some every day and others as the muse prompts. Lynn, Charley & Qbit have been amazingly faithfull to the prompts and the light of my day for 28 of them.  Jane has caught the fever as well as Frank, Jenna, Hank, Jeren, and NoStAugustine.  Did I miss anyone?  The response has overjoyed me!  Where should we go next?  Rilke? Whitman?  (I need a vacation! LOL) Love Y’all!  ~ Jilly

“Why does the mind compose this music well before the words occur?”

~  Jim Harrison


I will the light,
“Stay green. Stay green.”

It yellows.


Mindjackers surround the car
wrench open my door
their mouths open
singing music
with words I
cannot hear,
the rib-spreader
in their Magus hands.

I stare straight ahead,
grip the wheel;

the car behind me honks.

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved


A wild soul writing poetry.

23 thoughts on “Day 28 – The Magi

  1. You have some weird daydreams! I know what you mean though. I hate traffic. Brilliant end to the series, and thanks for all the prompts. When I’m up to day 28 I’ll go back to the beginning to see what I missed 🙂

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  2. “rib-spreader in their Magus hands”!! “Mindjackers”!! So great! The expansion is song through your body, the gifts of the Magi, terrifying, the fearful exctasy.

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      1. Agreed, right up there. We all got some really good work out there during this. High fives all around. I have today and 4-5 missed ones to catch up on. I’m a little crispy though. I can’t believe you started the Challenge last week!

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  3. Mind-jacking muses… armed with rib spreaders to do open-heart inspiration! As poems sing themselves toward paper and ink, the darned light changes. Beautiful, Jilly! And awefully Harrisonian.

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    1. So glad you have been a part of our unreasonable days, Hank! You are most welcome to join in with the Casting Bricks Challenge if it interests you. It is collaborative poetry. There is a link on the right sidebar of Jilly’s.


  4. There needs to be a ‘Muse on Board’ sign for cars.
    This might be one of my favorites of yours, too. If I could possibly pick one. They’ve all been brilliant and I’m glad to have been a part of these days of unreason.

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      1. I feel the same about your poems! I’m still working on yesterday’s quote. I’m so slow. Somebody totally needs to make that bumper sticker! I did get it and I love it. 🙂

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