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Hospital Birth Delivered

For Jilly’s August Challenge (Casting Bricks) it is my privilege to collaborate with Alison Hankinson – A Spoonful of Sugar to complete her wonderful Challenge poem entitled Hospital Birth.  I have added two stanzas that more are mirrors from a different perspective rather than a continuation of the narrative, and added a word to the title, as well.  Alison’s words are in bold.  



Darkest hours                                                        Pangs belabored

Patiently pacing                                                    birth forestalled

Dim-lit dawn                                                          legs and lungs

Life-embracing.                                                    exhausted sprawl.


Bald cry echoes                                                      Maternal scream

Through the walls                                                 sweat-drenched face

First born child’s                                                   flesh of my flesh

Entrance call.                                                          pangs erased.

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The Process



© Collaborative Poetry

Hankinson / Lyman


Everyone is invited to join in with Jilly’s August Challenge of Casting Bricks!  Just click the link on my sidebar for the details.  ~ Jilly



A wild soul writing poetry.

13 thoughts on “Hospital Birth Delivered

    1. Twins! Whew! I’m glad you like it. It was my moment of creativity over coffee this morning. I’m so happy you have joined in with the challenge – you are a welcome addition with your talents 🙂

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  1. This a beautiful one and very innovative. I have to say it’s very cute, the process of printing out the poem and working on it. I, too, very much like to write on paper rather on phone. There’s something about paper which fills the soul.

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    1. I agree about working on paper. I never work from my phone except to glance at a poem. Too many mistakes for my fumbling fingers! Mostly I work from my laptop, which does not fill the soul either.

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