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Day 27 – Cinquain for My Love

With only one remaining day in the 28 Days of Unreason, this was one of the most difficult prompts for me to write from; there are many crumpled pages scattered round my feet.  It worked best when I limited myself to the short form of Cinquain. Songs of Unreason has been a great source for these writing prompts.  Here is today’s Harrison quote and my Cinquain in response:

“It is life’s work to recognize the mystery of the obvious”  

~ Jim Harrison



you are

obviously mine

yet wholly yours unknown

to no one but yourself as I

am so

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved



A wild soul writing poetry.

12 thoughts on “Day 27 – Cinquain for My Love

  1. This prompt turned me inside-out… You have addressed the obvious mystery and the mysterious obviousness (is that a word? Must be; spellcheck allowed it!). The voice assures me that she has done the surveying, and this is the lay of it. Like the haiku, your cinquain allows much content to happen a with, few well-chosen words.

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    1. Gasp – read once – too close to home at the moment. Forgive me if I don’t read it again. Obviously it is very powerful. Obviously I’m not able to handle the subject.)


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