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50 Shades of War in the Teacher Parking Lot

Lillian is hosting Poetics over at dVerse where we are writing poetry using the word Shade.  While the rest of the country is dealing with ‘heat waves,’ we here in Florida have temps over 90 every day from May to October.  True Floridians look for a parking spot in the shade.  There are never enough to go around. This is just a bit of quicky dashed fluff that I have written in the form of 4 Cinquains.


Still dark
when we arrive
which way is west again?
Look for a spot under a tree
that I

have shade at
two-thirty, I see
Mr. Racecar Driver who
steals my

spot under the
skinny oak too few
leaves to really call it shady
I rush

and honk
squealing tires
shake my angry fist at
him, I down-shift into second
I win!

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

All are welcome to join in the Casting Bricks collaborative writing challenge!  Just click on the link on the side bar.



A wild soul writing poetry.

34 thoughts on “50 Shades of War in the Teacher Parking Lot

  1. Smiling I am. I suspect many of us have been in the situation where we patiently wait for a parking spot, guessing this one person shall be the first to leave, and we are positioned wrong…so that while the person is backing out of the spot, they are backing out towards us and we cannot move, and as that person shifts gear to move forward, a driver on the “other side” shoots into the spot while we sit helplessly by. Yup. It’s the stuff of cuss words and frustration for sure. Love this take on the prompt! Oh yes…..those spots in the shade are so coveted….thing is, depending on how long you are there, the shade may progress two cars over! Perhaps it’s kind of like the quarterback throwing the ball where he thinks the runner will be, rather than where he is now. I shall part two spots over and laugh at you for stealing that place my friend, as your car fries in the afternoon sun! 🙂 Hah! Glad you posted this one, Jilly! 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Lillian! That is pretty much how this one works since it is our parking lot at school. I left for lunch today and someone stole my shady spot but I felt vindicated when the day ended and we were all in the full Florida sun! In truth, I’m pretty tame behind the wheel, but this was a fun bit of fantasy.

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  2. I used to travel to Phoenix for a client. I remember it getting over 120 degrees in the summer. There were plenty of places to park but only a few had a place with an open structure over them to protect them from the Sun. I found the heat entertaining, but I didn’t have to be there for more than a few weeks out of the year.

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      1. It was our “homage” and kept us going when my husband was serving in Iraq in 2003. We came to disney and Cocoa Beach… we were there during Hurricane Charley and have extremely fond memories. I remember the heat, walking out at night in the dark and it hitting you as soon aas you opened the door.

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      2. Summer in Florida is brutal! I was a couple of states north of here when Charley came through – cool that you got to experience that with fond memories. Cocoa is our nearest beach and a favorite spot.

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