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What Flowing Water Makes Possible

Casting Bricks is in full swing and here is my first completed poem for Jilly’s August Challenge.  The title and first four lines in Common Meter were provided by Frank Hubeny at Poetry, Short Prose and Walking.  Tip ‘o the hat to Frank for an excellent challenge!  I really enjoyed working with this form.  If you would like to get on board with the collaborative challange of Casting Bricks, take a look at my sidebar item that gives you a direct link to the August Challenge page. (Thanks to Charley at Portofino for the html assistance making that link possible!)  Frank’s portion of the poem is in bold.

What’s neither dry nor frozen hard
Makes circles red with bliss
And green takes form to guide and guard

Where flows the life blood broke with grief
But love can mend with this
Water’s healing flood comes through

© Collaborative Poetry Frank Hubeny / Jill Lyman



A wild soul writing poetry.

10 thoughts on “What Flowing Water Makes Possible

      1. It is! I read his first half the other day, before you had taken on the challenge, and said to myself ‘photosynthesis, that’d be a perfect ending.’ Gmta.


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