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Day 21 – Within

On the cusp of the last week of 28 Days of Unreason, we have one of Harrison’s most unusual lines and yet, as poets, we know what he is talking about.  My response poem is something of a Diamante (diamond shape poem) but the form normally focuses on the number of words per line; mine counts syllables.  If you find inspiration in any of the lines from Songs of Unreason in these challenges, please drop me a line and let me know; I would love to read your excellent work!

“Like many poets I’m part blackbird and part red squirrel and my brain chatters, shrieks, and whistles.” ~ Jim Harrison



my mind

go ahead

skitter out loud

wail in the night hours

banshee witch you may be

evil bird who rattles me

divine messenger are you

gather green nuts for me

drop them at my feet

bid me eat them

gorge my spine

still I


© Jilly’s   All Rights Reserved




A wild soul writing poetry.

21 thoughts on “Day 21 – Within

  1. I love “skitter out loud”, and “gorge my spine” is amazing. The layout of the poem expanding into the howl and then tightening down so you can write is a subtle but strong effect. In the end, you harness and focus. Well done.

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  2. Shine on…! “divine messenger” makes me think you’re ravin’! Great poem, Jilly! This prompt calls on us to pull out the stops (or the stoppers). You have done it justice with a poem that can stand on it’s own feet — even without the prop… er, prompt.

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