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Day 19 – Cacophony of Birds

Day 19 of the 28 Days of Unreason brings a return of Silly Jilly, my childish alter ego. Humor her; she gets cranky when she’s told to grow up and act her age.  I’m just guessing she wanted to break from poetic tradition about using birds for metaphors and symbolic crap like that.  Views expressed here are not necessarily those of the author.  Songs of Unreason yields a beautiful quote for today:

“The birds are a chorus…clearly relatives of Mozart”  ~  Jim Harrison


and loon
they sync ‘neath my window
from sunrise ‘til noon

the booby
the cowbird
great heron
and goose
put up such a racket
like a bellowing moose

the shrike and the snipe
I’d most like to strike
with a silencing muzzle
my nerves are a fuzzle!

the starlings most startling
the grackles a ’cackle
the raven shows up
with a tool belt and spackle
(to fix and repair a bust standing there)

oh, where can I go
I need a good sleeper
but when I lie down
along comes a creeper

at last downs the sun
at evening they rest
but alas that screech owl
busts his buttons and vest

On Mozart and Handel
Now Beethoven and Bach
fly away, fly away
put thy beaks in a sock!

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A wild soul writing poetry.

22 thoughts on “Day 19 – Cacophony of Birds

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  2. Oh my, Jilly! You are definitely the tongue in cheek champion! This is one of those poems that deserve to be memorized and recited on a holiday. Now we just need an appropriate holiday…. Wonderful!

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    1. For some reason birds bring out the child in me; actually, that’s not hard to do since she lives close to the surface anyway. 😉 I really enjoyed reading Cassandra!


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