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Day 14 – Proverb of Unreason

Half way!  Here is today’s Harrsion quote for the mid point of 28 Days of Unreason, followed by my poem entitled Proverb of Unreason.

“The moon is to blame.  I am innocent”  

~Jim Harrison from Songs of Unreason

Photo by Jilly

Proverb of Unreason

In that prove-you-wrong paradise

where the moon is a powerful

feather eating your liver

for lunch

guard your days build

walls around your blamelessness

constructing alibis of devastation

© Jilly’s All Rights Reserved




A wild soul writing poetry.

33 thoughts on “Day 14 – Proverb of Unreason

  1. What a wonderful quote! Setting it down to ponder. The moon having one’s liver for lunch – a cold stone, barren but with devastating impact on some of those who haven’t learned to draw the curtains in time.Hey! This may be a beginning of one of my own!

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  2. Since everyone else has focused on the killer line, I’m going to go to “build / walls around your blamelessness / constructing alibis of devastation.” This reads like a universal plan A and plan B. Protect your innocence; blame the moon when you lose it. Okay, I may be several thousands of miles off (clear to the dark side of reason), but that’s how it hit me, first read. Either way, a powerful poem, Jilly!

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    1. BAM! You hit it, Charley. The key is the ‘why’ behind the need to have that Plan; why does the moon eat the liver and not, say, the eyes, the lungs, the front-and-center heart. Food for thought – pass the onions, please?

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      1. (cue the Speedy G video clip) The whole premise of blaming the moon could become an effective political strategy… anywhere in this moon-struck world. I’m willing to use it to explain my poetry….

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    1. Do you experience this – the ones that work the best are the ones that just sort of tumble out, but the ones I spend the most time on flop about on the deck? Maybe I should do catch and release writing?

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      1. Every single time. This quote took me much longer than it should have. I try to get them in before midnight at least, but didn’t get started ’til late. Yours are always hits!

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      2. I work 2 days ahead and schedule the posts right after midnight EST and Only the Water is Safe took me right down to the last minute. This is so tough and your writing is super consistant. Love that!

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      3. I’m lucky to get one in on time much less work ahead. I’d probably be more efficient if I didn’t have a three foot tall distraction half the day. Thank you, Jill! That means a lot to me. I’m so glad you’re doing this challenge and glad to be a part of it.

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      4. um… I only work ahead by cheating. My personal 28 days started 2 days before I posted. There are no ‘on times’ in this and I would gladly share prompts ahead of time 🙂

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      5. The parenthesis are dates – the May ones are last year’s.
        16. We walk the bottom of an ocean we call sky (8/1)
        17. Saw a poem float by just beneath the surface (5/19) (8/2)
        18. We were born to be moving water not ice (5/20)
        19. The birds are a chorus…clearly relatives of Mozart
        20. Words are moving water, muddy, clear, or both
        21. Like many poets I’m part blackbird and part red squirrel and my brain chatters, shrieks, and whistles.
        22. Nature detonates your mind with the incalculable freshness of the new day (5/24) Day 22
        23. Such fragile wings (5/25) Day 23
        24. Nature has portals rather than doors (5/26) Day 24
        25. The river can’t heal everything (5/27) Day 25
        26. On some clear nights in the country the stars can exhaust us (5/28) Day 26
        27. It is life’s work to recognize the mystery of the obvious (5/29) Day 27
        28. Why does the mind compose this music well before the words occur? (5/30) Day 28

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