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Writing Space of a Sheep of Unknown Hue; with Shoes

I do love a good challenge!  Jane Dougherty tossed this one out there and I couldn’t resist.


Across the room from you (my favorite view)
Mom’s chair (she never did understand my poetry; not enough flowers and sunshine in those words.)
Refurbished Dell (necessary evil with stickers from the vegetarian tea place and Trader Joe’s)
The pen you gave me for Christmas two years ago (because writers understand each other)
Notebook (with ‘Jilly’ and doodled vines on the back cover)
Several Unreasonable poems and drafts
and 1 Haiku written by you (it was a joke; so like you to make me laugh)
These are the Remains of the Day
along with the obligatory cup of coffee (in that sunshine and flowers cup)

IMG_2960 (2)

© Jilly’s Words & Photo



A wild soul writing poetry.

15 thoughts on “Writing Space of a Sheep of Unknown Hue; with Shoes

  1. Black sheep?!? Hard to believe! As I read your poem through a second and a third time I learned a lot about you… it’s a puzzle that unpacks and pieces itself together. At least you have bright and cheery coffee!

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    1. I must apoligize, Jenna. Your kind comment on Day 14 – Proverb of Unreason was read by me, but is lost in cyberworld. I work a day or two ahead on those posts and accidently scheduled tomorrow’s post for today. When I rescheduled it, your words were lost. (Too much stress at the moment – I shouldn’t try to operate heavy machinery or WP posts 🙂 ) Enjoy your weekend, my friend!


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