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The image in the picture triggered this one.


Gargoyling the street below he

0725171441a resized (2)
Photo by Jilly

lurches over the edge
guzzling up the air
drowning fast in the heated updraft

“Devour the Bricks!”
his battle cry
“Brick the castle walls!”

Breath torn from his
plasticized lungs
stealing life
before the dive
is over
conquesting for naught

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved



A wild soul writing poetry.

11 thoughts on “Descent

  1. Loved “guzzling up the air”. But, like, WTF is this thing doing up there, LOL! I your poem, I have this Sisyphean sense that he does this over and over for no gain and no point.

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    1. It’s such an oddity because it’s not in city center – it’s on a side street in a high-end inner ring and I just saw it today for the first time. At first my poem was a death wish for him because he’s so creepy, but your idea is even better; eternal pointlessness.


    1. Thank you! As you can see, Q & I have been jamming up your thread with a discussion of verbs. I wrote this one yesterday and then when I saw the dVerse prompt I opted not to post it because it didn’t fit the rules and I was all poemed out by 3pm. Your opinion on verbing nouns, my friend?

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      1. Jam away! That’s totally fine. Wow, funny how it was along the same lines anyway. I wish I could be poemed out by 3pm. Most days I’m barely getting started then and it often goes into the early morning hours.
        I think verbing nouns is fine. It seems to be more of a thing now and maybe more acceptable. At least by some. I’d say it depends on the writer. What looks/sounds good to you, and what your style is like. Done properly I think some could get away with it and do it quite well. Overuse possibly becomes lazy writing though, and as a reader, it could become boring, or worse, annoying.

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      2. Thanks, Lynn! I really value your opinion. So, if you see me using the verb/noun thing too much, please, please call me on it. Your writing makes me want to be a better writer!
        So, Question: What do you think is your best poem thus far that has come from the Harrison quotes? And would it be ok if I link it on my post tomorrow for Open Link Night? I want to mention the poets who have joined in, complete with link.

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      3. You’re welcome! And I value your opinion as well. I feel the same about your writing! I haven’t met a Jilly poem that I haven’t absolutely loved.
        Hmm…hard to say. I’ve only managed two poems from the Harrison quotes so far. I’m trying to get one done for today’s but in case exhaustion wins out, and I don’t get it written, maybe Day 7 “Wash It All Away”. You can totally link it on your post!

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