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Day Nine – “Tracks”

I admit to today’s line being one of my favorites because of it’s obscurity.  In Songs of Unreason, Harrison often confounds me with a question, explicit or implied, that must be answered.  For this quote, I asked myself how it is that we remain in the air and then I stopped being literal and wrote poetry.   Thank you to everyone who has joined in as we make tracks through these 28 Days of Unreason!  Here is today’s Harrison quote and my poetic response to it with “Tracks” in Haiku form.

I love the tracks left by hundreds of species of birds that remain in the air like we do  


IMG_1658 (3)
Photo by Jilly


Words clutter the air

Rambling authenticity

Bird saviors fly off





© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved



A wild soul writing poetry.

13 thoughts on “Day Nine – “Tracks”

  1. What I like most about this is that it isn’t simple at all. The lines (and the quote) all work together, but more that they illuminate each other rather than explain each other. “Rambling authenticity” for example. The cluttered words can be rambling, sure, but they are still authentic, even if chaotic. But the birds, they ramble (authentically) as well. That’s harder to think about. And our saviors as well, or the saviors of authenticity. Nature, wordless, authentic, both ordered and dis-ordered.

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    1. Yes! I love that the words aren’t simple and that it takes you through multiple thoughts and leaves you with more questions than answers. I actually started with the words Rambling Authenticity and worked it from there. Glad you enjoyed the read.


  2. I used to grow up in the heart of a nature reserve, where occasionally wintering birds would swarm our sky, such as the wild geese in squadrons of inverted-V (or “人”, human/humanity, in Chinese). I once witnessed a great migration that lasted for half an hour. Unforgettable. Their numbers are drastically decreasing though, thanks to the rapid development of south China.

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      1. Exactly! Such a tragic catastrophe. And, yes, it’s quite amazing to have endangered species gracing our yard every now and then. That said, the cleaning up of poop on windshields and yard floor (and sometimes our hair too) wasn’t as fun though.

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  3. I don’t know if I read this correctly, but I understood the bird saviours to have the right idea—flying off, leaving the rest, the useless ones we’re lumbered with, to ramble on, cluttering up the space with nonsense. There’s a lot in your sparse words!

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