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Day Seven – “Moving Water”

“The only answer I’ve found is the moving water whose music is without a single lyric” ~ Jim Harrison

Songs of Unreason by Jim Harrison is supplying the inspiration for 28 days of poetry writing.  Several friends have joined me;  I hope you find inspiration in some these astounding words by Harrison.  If you do, please drop me a comment and let me know; I would love to read what you write!  Here is my response poem based on today’s quote.  Cheers! Jilly

© Photo by Jilly

is it our
that we pursue
as we rush about
cluttering our lives
with heavy
and appointments

until the flood
comes without
siren or ceremony sweeping
it all off in a white
noise song
whose words remain
just out of ear’s

© Jilly’s All Rights Reserved




A wild soul writing poetry.

20 thoughts on “Day Seven – “Moving Water”

  1. Good point about pursuing the Self and the distraction of things and activities and the coming flood sweeping away those distractions. I think your flood idea and the Self is deeper than Harrison went with his reference to flowing water. Nice poem.

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  2. Love how your poem ties to the quote. The question of what we search for in ourselves, in the busyness and “noise” of everyday, and the answer being something that’s bigger than ourselves. I like the water/white noise idea.

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    1. Thank you, Lynn! When I am near a large body of water (ocean / great lake) it always seems that I hear voices in the waves but their words are just beyond my reach. (Usually those voices are telling me I should have coffee, and maybe a bit of chocolate.)

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      1. Coffee and chocolate, I like those kind of voices!
        Unfortunately, I did not get a hold of a copy of Harrison’s book this weekend (but I will!) I think today’s quote has inspired a little something. Will see if it works itself out.

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