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Day Five – “Tiring of Language”

Using today’s quote from Songs of Unreason by Jim Harrison as a title and opening line, I allowed my mind to take flight from the restrainst of language.  I unabashedly draw inspiration from Lewis Carroll for this!  Here is the full quote, followed by my poem:

“Tiring of language, the mind takes flight”  ~ Jim Harrison

Tiring of language, the mind takes flight
over the clains and the dauphinous heights
glaying and growling
no simpering blights
to beknight that keen slight
skimming the slaughter
flagging toes ‘cross wiggles
of blub-blubbing water

What chains do grape about my neck
that flings of flaying canst unbreach
what strums of heaven do I cast and reach?

Darkuous does the land lie low
flounded full by semantic pull
O! Gravital arms release me go
to that splendiferous plain
hide-seeking least ye beyond
those shape drift clouds
of wanton toadstools
and rabbited brows.

© Jilly  All Rights Reserved


A wild soul writing poetry.

19 thoughts on “Day Five – “Tiring of Language”

  1. Listening to your reading of this wonderful whimsical poem, I forgot to listen to whether the words made sense or not, they all join together so perfectly, harmoniously; they sound so good.

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