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Day Three – “Shall We Dance?”

Here is the Jim Harrison Prompt for today:

“As with dancing you have to learn the steps”

Feel free to join me in these 28 Days of Unreason as I use lines from Harrison’s Songs of Unreason as writing prompts.   Here is my poem for today:  “Shall We Dance? ”           Cheers!  Jilly


Careful lighting
Critical decor
She enters too early

As always;
never fashionably late

Perilous table selection

Too large
she is a part
of a big party yet
to arrive

Too small
A tete-a-tete

They begin
to float in
followed closely
by “Failure” and “Botch”
All her old beaus
are here
but the question
that remains

With which demon

IMG_1869 (2)shall she dance;
With which demon
shall she go home?

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved



A wild soul writing poetry.

12 thoughts on “Day Three – “Shall We Dance?”

  1. I like the word “demon” for the potential partner. Harrison’s has a conversational style. I am almost finished with the book and may read it again. I’m thinking of something for your day two theme about the sun not rising, if it comes together.

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  2. The working back and forth of internal doubt and the return of the “demon” partners is wonderful! I love the formatting — no easy task on these blogs! You have Harrisoned nicely, Jill!

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  3. This sounds like a nightmare scenario to me—the hesitations and the uncertainties, finishing up with the one certainty—she isn’t going to like any of it!

    I combined this one with the dverse sonnet challenge. I can’t do sonnets in free verse, sounds like a contradiction in terms to my mind (apologies to Neruda) so I wrote a classic Shakespearean sonnet.


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