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Day Two – “Plums and Red Wine” (a Lament)

Day Two of 28 Days of Unreason 2017 and I have pulled out all the stops on ‘Pathetic’ with this poem.  A thank you to Björn for the idea of using a letter format to tell a story.
Jim Harrison’s Songs of Unreason is the muse for these 28 Days.

Harrison Quote / Day Two Prompt:

“That morning the sun forgot to rise”  

0411150721 (2)
Photo by Jilly ©

(A Lament) by Jilly ©

from A Box of Unsent Letters

 My Love,

                This is just to say that I wish the only news were that I had eaten some melancholy fruit from the ice box, but in truth

I accidently deleted my part of that short story we were writing together and I lack the tech to retrieve it


I put a long, zaggedy scratch down the side of my car while returning the lawn mower to the garage


Certain that a glass red wine and a cool shower were just the things to settle my nerves, I poured it


I tripped on that step just below the landing.   A pinkish shadow still remains in a very obvious spot, what with the carpet being white.


I showered off the sweat and bits of grass from my loneliness and had a good cry knowing that you have gone reluctantly to bid goodbye to a dying father you barely knew in a faraway state

And I am dying here without you.




A wild soul writing poetry.

10 thoughts on “Day Two – “Plums and Red Wine” (a Lament)

    1. Insightful ideas, Frank! The sun stops loving us or the Earth stops spinning – sounds like a great metaphor for relationship? I’ll leave the poeming of it to you, but it is intriguing!

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      1. Cool! Another poet to check out!
        Have you read Western Wind: An Introduction to Poetry? A book buddy sent it to me a long time ago. I’ve only casually flipped through but I pulled it off the shelf today to take a closer look.
        Remind me, in your 28 Days of Unreason, to play along, we use the same quote as you, anything by Harrison, or anything in general?

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      2. Not familiar with Western Wind – will check into it! For the 28 Days of Unreason, I am posting a quote of Harrison’s, along with my poetic response to it (so, I’m working a day ahead of the posts) and if you find inspiration in it, let words fly! If you care to stop by and say you’ve posted something, that’s cool. This is pretty loosie-goosie – If you find the words of a poet that inspire you, please share!
        Here’s the link to the one that I alluded to today

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