16 thoughts on “Belted Kingfisher – Haiku

  1. What a cool little bird. I never would have guess he was a kingfisher, though. I followed the pick to Wikipedia. His feet look too tiny to catch fish.

    Arrhythmic makes me think of pirates. It could be the name of a pirate band.

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    1. The Belted Kingfisher is, I think, an eastern fellow. Seen them in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, South Carolina, and here in my Florida back yard. They don’t catch fish with their feet, they use that ‘ancient sword’ of a beak. These guys hover about 6 feet above the water and then dive very fast straight down, coming back up with little fishies in their mouths.
      Wait, I think I know that band: Calico Jack & the ARRhymics. 🙂

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    1. Thanks! You know, I threw away the first try because it was too poetic-ey and asked myself what I saw when our little guy goes sweeping down the lake – gawky came to mind. They are very prehistoric looking, aren’t they?

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  2. He’s the Johnny Depp of the bird world, that Belted Kingfisher! He’s so cute, with his punky hairstyle . I love the way the first two lines of your haiku start kind of jaggedly, with ‘Arrhythmic’ and ‘Angular and then the whole things ends with ‘diver”. Nicely done, Jilly!

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      1. Beautiful video! I have never seen a bird like that one; thank you for sharing. I went in search of a video that shows the Belted Kingfish in action and they are hard to find. Here is one from a unique perspective:


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