11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #11

    1. Thanks! The real story is that I think I am losing that particular game of chess πŸ™‚
      This was a fun shoot – after I put a black backing around our chess game, I thought of the mall and how the floor looks like the gameboard. I took multiple pictures in the mall and found one where a person was moving in the style of a knight. In my head I saw that girl going ‘up one; over two.’

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  1. I really enjoy the play between these images. I think the black and white makes it more effective… but then I’m partial to black and white. Very clever juxtaposition! It’s your move.

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  2. This is such a fun pairing with so much there, both visually and metaphorically. Life, chess, people, squares, black, white… great stuff! I think the repitition of the chess pieces almost framing the people reinforces the metaphor (and I never met-a-4 I didn’t like, heheh), and I agree with Charlie about the black and white.

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    1. Ha ha! Love the pun! (I want a personalized license plate that says Iron E). I really enjoy that girl in the middle who is the knight, crossing at right angle. Yes, a big part of this is musings on the black & white of the board and our world. Thanks for stopping by!

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