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July Challenge Wrap-Up

Hi my Friends & Fellow Poets!  Just over a week ago Jilly’s July Challenge, “Casting Bricks” was posted and everyone was invited to join in with Collaborative Poetry.  WOW! Today I set about tallying up some stats and discovered that we had:

11 Contributors (people who wrote & linked half-poems)
12 Challenges
13 participants
We wrote about 45 poems!
That count is still out and y’all are still welcome to complete any of the half poem challenges that are out there.  There is a list of all the Challenges on the original July Challenge page.

Also during this past week I looked into a Linky Widget to help us with a bit of reflection & feedback.  I know, I know!… If I had known how much participation there would be, I would have had the incredible foresight to get the linky from the start.

My Friends, now is the chance to reflect on the July Challenge of Casting Bricks.  Post your reflections & feedback and I’ll test out this cool new Linky Thing!  (New to me, so expect floundering!)  You are also welcome to put your reflections in Comments, but then I’ll never know if the Linky works, right?

I was stretched, poetically by this challenge.  What a workout!! One of my goals was to maintain the original voice of each poem as much as possible since I have been thinking about Poetic Voice lately.  I did that some of the time and failed at other times. I learned new forms and got to know a truly great group of  people. Crazy, but great!

One more thing: Include in your feedback, whether via posting or commenting, if you feel like this was, 1) A Cool One-Time Event, 2) Something to Consider again next July, or 3) I have a poetic/writing ‘itch’ that needs to be scratched and would like to see something a bit more permanent come from it (not necessarily in the form of collaborative poetry).  I’m not candidating to host something, just letting you know I am willing if there is interest.    Cheers!  Jilly




A wild soul writing poetry.

26 thoughts on “July Challenge Wrap-Up

  1. First, I want to thank you, Jill, for being the brave soul to start up this challenge, and for your kindness in extending the open invitation to anyone who wanted to join. It’s been tons of fun! I think there’s still a few half poems I wanted to give a try. I say let’s keep it up, too.

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  2. Hey, jilly. You know me, I’m always up for more and more challenges (Though the quality and success of my attempts remain a completely mystery!) so I would like to see this turn in to something permanently, which can take off some excitement and add more fun. By the way, I’m confused about the linky, I should give feedbacks through it right? But all it asks for is a link, so should I write a post and link there? Can you answer the questions and keep up the good work.

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    1. You are right about the link. I intended it for a reflective post on your blog about the challenge of collaborative writing, however, I mostly wanted to see if it works since it is new. So I ran it all out there as an either/or.


      1. Oh I understand, I’ll be sure to write one soon. We used it before dVerse, so I guess it works well. If you have time, check out Mr linky magical widget. It’s Same as this one, but it’s widget which is embedded in to the post so we can directly access the links from the post. I saw it on a blog but never have used it.

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      2. There is an upgraded Linky that I am looking at – it’s about the price of a cup of coffee per year. I think I can manage that 🙂 Still in the research stage here. I value everyone’s input and knowledge, so please keep all ideas coming!

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  3. I was thinking just last night I’d like to try the sonnet challenge, I think it was put up by Jilly, because I’ve never written one before – so as a learning curve this kind of exchange is supportive. The responses to what one has posted is so varied it serves as a broadening of the thinking process. So yes, I’d like this to become a more permanent situation and at least it happening again next July. I’ll link the exchanges from my blog on the Mr Linky thingey 🙂 Jilly, thank you for hosting this. It must’ve been a logistical challenge!

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    1. No hurry, no worries! I only did the wrap-up post since there were no new challenges and I wanted everyone to see just how much great writing we all did and get some feedback. Poem onward! Look forward to the sonnet 🙂

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  4. I wanted to do so much more, had intended to, but have been swamped with some home maintenance needs and prep for a small remodel. I really enjoyed being a part of this challenge, Jilly, and appreciate you and all the contributors.

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    1. Victoria, It was a pleasure to have you join in – your challenge was wonderful! It looks a bit like we may do more of this (from the feedback I’m seeing), and your help with the Linky was invaluable!

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    2. Hmmm – that gets me thinking about those little linguistic anomalies from my childhood… might be a poem in there sometime. By the way – loved your title!


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