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Six-Word Saturday #9

Tornado Warning Thrill

Caught Outside!

Help in Cement


© Jilly’s Words & Photo


A wild soul writing poetry & fiction while teaching high school literature, all with a camera in tow.

17 thoughts on “Six-Word Saturday #9

    1. Charley is such a joker, isn’t he? Ok, so here is the true story: Went to a historic cemetery last night for a tour. About 30 minutes into the guided walk everyone’s cell phones went off with a tornado warning. Then it began to rain really hard. We all ran for our cars. Before the tour had started I had taken some pictures – the Help! scratched in the sidewalk was one of them. It took on greater meaning after I got home & looked at the photos. Oh, and everyone was okay, weather wise. My crazy life!

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      1. Haha! He is. And one hell of a story. The picture really was a surprising coincidence. It’s nice to see how it got a greater meaning after the rain. Indeed, it was a crazy life but so interesting.

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  1. Love this six worder and the way ‘thrill’ makes me want to read ‘drill’ (like the old tornado drills we used to have in school) but thrill really brings it to life. And ‘Help!’ scratched into the sidewalk adds an overall eerie element that ties it all together very well. You have a great eye for detail. A cemetery tour, how cool is that?!

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      1. Oh man! The mosquitoes are brutal right now. Even worse, the next door neighbor has this above ground pool that they’ve left untouched and the stagnant water is just mosquito central.

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