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Sail (Trimmed)

I journeyed into the seas of Sail, the Tanaga that Jenna (Revived Writer) shared for this July Challenge.  Resonating with her words, I enjoyed completing this poem.  Come on board and sail with us! 

The ocean’s waves are choppy,
Yet how I yearn to sail there,
To feel the sun and fresh air,
Cold, yet new, unknown and free.

Will I find uncharted land?
Following Polaris, bright
Star, I go beyond my sight,
After leaving home’s safe sand.

Storms may fall upon my sail
Or doldrums flat find my bow,
Tack or row, survive somehow
This life of mine shall prevail.

 When my journey is complete
Set my sites between the lights
Glory, I, in gaining heights,
Home’s safe sands will more be sweet.

© Collaborative Poetry / Jenna & Jilly


A wild soul writing poetry & fiction while teaching high school literature, all with a camera in tow.

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