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Tanaga by 2 (J&J)

I must confess, this is a new form to me.  I thank Jeren for introducing it to me! I have completed his Tanaga by 2 making it collaborative poetry by J&J (Jeren & Jilly). Enjoyed this a great deal.  If you have not completed one of the two Tanagas in our July Challenge, I recommend it!  (The other is offered by Jenna.  Makes for a plethora of J’s!)

If love or lust, you did ask
I would jump up & down to say
That love is where my mind lay,
Not heart, body, I could mask.

But you split minds like devil,
Gave two heaven, which to miss,
I treasure the days of bliss,
To make a choice, void of will.

Within your eyes I would bask
Wrapped in thy love to allay
These fears I dare not obey
But link our hearts tis the task

Frame is but the heart vessel
Merging souls the flesh dismiss
Spirits fall into abyss
Joined as one we shall revel

Collaborative Poetry by Jeren and Jilly


A wild soul writing poetry & fiction while teaching high school literature, all with a camera in tow.

5 thoughts on “Tanaga by 2 (J&J)

    1. Yes, it gives us different perspectives! I’ve held off reading other versions of poems until
      I have written mine to keep my mind clear. Speaking of which, your challenge is next on my list! So looking forward to it!

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