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Fancy Perfume & Twirling Ribbons Deux

In the July Challenge, Lynn (Colorful Pen) put out a double challenge combining two forms.  It proved to be the best work-out I’ve had in ages!  Here is my version of her wonderful beginning.  (Yes, I cheated a bit on the anagramatic part; there’s a K, a V, and couple of H’s.  Sigh.)  Thanks for the opportunity to collaborate with you, Lynn!

Poems can ring, rise upon sun and moon
or bring momentum to an errant flame.
Maybe it falls face first, mangled too soon
its sound wailing against the sting of rain.

Dawn will singe your senses, set them all free
perform song and acrobatic dances
cry out in celebration, yours to see  
wings grand will sprout if you’ll cast your glances

To the dusk, flapping gallant gilt banners,
twirling ribbons of cantos all abloom.
Pursuing monsters bearing your answers,
your poems will be as a fancy perfume

Restorative balm let poems declare
Rise from burnt cinders and yield to the air

Collaborative Poetry of Burton/Lyman


A wild soul writing poetry & fiction while teaching high school literature, all with a camera in tow.

6 thoughts on “Fancy Perfume & Twirling Ribbons Deux

  1. Love it, Jilly! Especially this line: “your poems will be as a fancy perfume.” Good stuff! The perfume and ribbons were inspired by the Cars video that you’d added to your post. It made me think how poetry, or writing in general, can be so much more than words on paper or screen.

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    1. I guess it’s just what we needed! I did not make that connection. As it turns out, the video got deleted a couple of hours ago when I added an update with links to the so-far challenges, but now I am missing the lipsticked woman’s face. Your perspective is ever new!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I think it is new to many of us. I have a small amount of collaborative poetry to my experience, but this has really stretched me this week. Glad you are joining us!


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