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As a Deer

A Summer Haibun for dVerse ~


When all at once a summer evening rain deepens the leaves and grass to bottle green and the lake turns dusky grey with pockmark drops strewn as confetti on the face of it. I grab my camera and shoot the sky (rather than the moon) until russet brown movement across the water catches my peripheral.  Two young deer have come out of the woods; they frolic like bent legged dogs darting to the water for a drink, back to the chase and tag, and before I can zoom and click, they have slipped into the trees and are gone. We go back inside and listen in the quiet of the darkness to thunder and our hearts beating in time with the elusive earth’s depth

Rain brings joy behooved

Stillness stirs our souls to wild

Yearnings of the deep


© Jilly’s Poetry & Photo


A wild soul writing poetry.

32 thoughts on “As a Deer

  1. What a wonderful experience! You capture it well with your words and camera. We don’t have the amazing scenery, but I’m reminded of this white rabbit that used to visit our backyard. I don’t know what ever happened to him, but he was apparently somebody’s pet because he wore a collar with a little green bell. He always showed up around the same time in the mornings. It was the cutest thing.

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  2. Reminds me of the Secret Life of Walter Mitty where the master photographer left the snow leopard shot untaken. Beautiful write, Jilly. I do wish our ancestors have not eaten our deer into extinction.

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