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Signs of

Over at dVerse we are writing about signs. Orlando recently turned a corner in healing as a year has now gone by since the horrific event at The Pulse Nightclub.  While I drive past the location often, it is usually with averted eyes lest the pain enter and overwhelm me.  Today, in light of this prompt, I stopped and got out for a few moments with my camera.  The pictures and the words speak for themselves.  ~Jilly


Signs of






Are we more
broken than before?

People have ever fainted with fear
at the roaring of the waves


© Photos & Poem by Jilly

All Rights Reserved



A wild soul writing poetry & fiction while teaching high school literature, all with a camera in tow.

25 thoughts on “Signs of

  1. A very touching response to the prompt. Thank you for taking the time to take photos and share the video, giving us the reality of this tragedy. I like the format and especially the question, “Are we more broken than before?” Probably, but we have the ability to be a stronger, more loving society.I believe we have to start with the nurturing and mental health of the children of the world. The light starts there.

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  2. Several responses here. You mention before the poem that you often drive by Pulse and that for this post, you stopped and took these photos. So you must live somewhere near Pulse? I cannot imagine the feelings a) of someone who is sick and vile enough to take hatred out on innocent people as happened at Pulse; b) the shock of the community must have been immensely more than the shock of the nation, as you literally bear witness to this evil; c) the power of the media is driven home here as I immediately knew what this sign related to. Your question is one we seem to ask each time there is a crisis where innocents lose their lives. I am reminded of walking over to the Copley Square area to see the growing memorial to the Boston marathon bombing victims….the flowers, the cards, signs, sneakers, candles.
    As you can see, Jilly….your writing here is powerful and reflective. The last line, is where the meaning can be interpreted, metaphorically for me. To me, the ocean is a constant. Its mood changes but it is a constant. We know the ocean may be as smooth as glass today, but there will come a time when it will roil with crashing waves again. We know that. “People have ever fainted….” the repetition of humanity’s inhumanity to humanity….
    We live in Massachusetts and have grandchildren. So many thought Sandy Hook was the ultimate act of evil. NOW people will surely do something to end this violence. And now, in this presidency (I write that without a capital P deliberately), an executive order was signed to delete a partiular gun law that I thought MUST make sense to all…..the inability of someone with a documented mental illness to purchase a gun. That law no longer exists. Okay….I’ll stop here. Did not mean to take up so much room on your blog here….
    Thank you for taking the time to take and post these photos….and for this powerful post.

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    1. Pulse is about 12 miles from me, in a neighborhood I frequent. Most people in Orlando either knew someone or was one step from someone who was directly impacted. That event was when Facebook rolled out its Safe Notify system. It was spooky to have to click the I’m Ok button and then wait for everyone else to do the same. More personally terrifying was to learn he was originally targeting Epcot. We are there constantly. Still, it made me ask that question, Are we more broken than before? Thanks for sharing, Lillian.


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