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When He Walks Out at the Sight of that First Wrinkle

Makest thou no apologies
for thy shallow lover
who is sick when he looks upon thee
and seest your leathering skin
and expanding derrière which
have lead his sorry onion-eyed face
to seekest he of greener pastures

For he is likened unto a too early
Monday morning bereft of coffee
vainly attempting to mend his flailing career
and bad hair

The bastard whilst not bring thou
into the court of divorce without
much gnashing of his mustard colored teeth
and wringing out of his pockets
and thou shalt be singly successful
without hangover or remorse.

© Jilly's & Silly Jilly   
June 6, 2017  All Rights Reserved

A Poem to Save the Life of a Jilted Lover in which the gender
specificity can be altered as needed.
(With a tip o' the hat to the Bard 
for the fine art of insult hurling!) 
Join us over at dVerse for some fun!


A wild soul writing poetry.

25 thoughts on “When He Walks Out at the Sight of that First Wrinkle

  1. This is such fun and is a mixture of ‘first wrinkle’ and ‘don’t let the bastards grind you down’! I love the ‘leathering skin’, ‘expanding derrière’, ‘sorry onion-eyed face’ and ‘gnashing of his mustard colored teeth’!

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  2. Ha ha! He wasn’t worth it in the first place! But your poem certainly is. Outstanding. I’ll just interpro… iterpre… I’ll just figure it out for men, should the time ever come! 🙂

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  3. Loved. For every pot, there is a lid… and if you’ve got a lid of pot, call me. 🙂 . And remember this, you’re too good for him! There’s always someone who knows quality when they see it. The shallow lover, yes I was married to her a long time ago. Left me for someone who literally made more money than I (his $70k / year in 1994 to my paltry $29K). I found much, much sweeter pastures after we split. Thanks for the excellent poem .

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    1. Glad you did, my friend! This silly poem was anything but personal – I’m married to my soul mate and so I had to assume a poet voice for it. As for that lid…. 🙂


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