19 thoughts on “Underground

  1. This is wonderful Jilly. That chest pounding fear must have been so overwhelming for the child and mother both….and those green skies were monsters to those eyes. Palpable terror here.


  2. Clouds of funnel, scary stuff. Love the rhymes and the way they give a sense of spinning down the page kind of like a funnel cloud. They seem to have an urgency much like a storm, and then there’s the calming shelter. By the way, love the Wizard of Oz.


  3. oh yes…..I remember in our Iowa farmhouse days gathering our dogs, the baby stroller (and baby) and rushing down into the cellar as the sky turned yellow and the warnings sounded. “Our private Chunnel” from the child’s perspective and the mommy trying to quell the fear. 44 words and you’ve nailed it here.

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