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I am Wolf
moon growling

grit beneath my feet
bones betwixt my teeth


fair all these
bright days
searing nights
sounding before me

tree breath
filling these lungs


frame chained
to clock
to desk


soul untethered unleashed

Β© Jilly's Photo & Poem 
All Rights Reserved

Writing Quadrilles over at dVerse!


A wild soul writing poetry.

57 thoughts on “Flies

      1. OH! I would love to see that! Papillions are such characters πŸ™‚ My dog disdains anything she feels is below her – I think she rolls her eyes when I howl.

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  1. This is delightful! I didn’t see the turn coming, which made it all the better. Thought it was a literal wolf in the woods, which would have been awesome, too; but a wolf chained to the clock, to the desk, though sad, is wonderfully poetic.

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  2. Ah, yes, the wolf within, the stuff of Gothic legend–we all have animal totems & spirit–mine is wolverine. Nice us of the prompt.

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  3. grit beneath my feet
    bones betwixt my teeth

    In the words of that great vocalist from the Ohio Players, “Yow! Gurl!” You tuned into your inner wolf and gave her voice. Full-moon worthy!

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  4. The wild wolf is growling and howling. We’ve done it here, usually just on payday. followed by a certain illness. Yours sounds way more natural. I like the “tree breath” filling his lungs.

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  5. I keep reading this over and over, it’s so good! Love how you switched from the images of the wolf running free, to being chained to our work, then acknowledging that our souls still run free. πŸ™‚

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