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My Many States of Mind

Oh how I long to fish again
In that big lake
And reel in a take
Of perchsalmonandtrout
Watching the Gary-induced
Sunset parades

Robed in flannel and ribbed corduroy
Pier and museums
Wish you could see ums
The green river and blues
Toe-tappin’ my shoes

South Caroline
Azaleas devine
Learnin’ the language
Y’allin with vantage
Heart-blessin’ and okra
At times I do miss her

Was mean, no milk, honey or manna
Surviving and dying
No tears left for crying
We danced on our way out the door

Here the world has no border
Seventyleven languages heard daily
Wouldn’t trade her for all the climes


© Jilly’s 5/11/2017  All Rights Reserved


Writing List Poems over at dVerse.  Grab a pen and come on over!


A wild soul writing poetry.

33 thoughts on “My Many States of Mind

    1. I lived in SC for a big part of my life and my students know when I’m peeved because I go southern on them. “Y’all are on my last nerve!”
      (Hoosier is a swear word in our house – I may need to just write that book one of these days!)

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  1. Very creative; the lists appeared but never brought much attention to themselves while we had geography on our minds. Wish I’d thought of that hook.

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  2. This is soo incredibly beautiful! I would love to experience this; “Illinois Robed in flannel and ribbed corduroy. Pier and museums Wish you could see ums The green river and blues Toe-tappin’ my shoes.”

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    1. Thanks for reading, Paul. Two of the places involve cities you probably have heard of; in the state of Illinois I am describing Chicago, and in Florida, it is Orlando, a popular tourist spot that is home to Disney World. Hope you get a chance it see something of the US sometime, just as I hope to see Europe one day!


  3. What a beautiful picture you’ve painted here, Jilly. Once again, you’ve made me long to visit your amazing country – so far from Australia. Colorful and visual, I completely enjoyed reading this thank you 🙂

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