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Blistered Ground

Tanka Tuesday
Also posting a 'dirty' poem for d'Verse!  (Soil Poetics)


First pink sky of dawn

Fog wanders low on bronze fields

Lonely cattle graze

Blistered ground with gaping mouth

Still no rain comes near; we wait.


© Jilly’s 5/9/2017 All rights reserved


A wild soul writing poetry.

20 thoughts on “Blistered Ground

  1. “Blistered ground with gaping mouth”

    I see in my mind the image of the unfortunate soul crossing a dry expanse, looking up with mouth open, hoping for even a drop. Excellent, Jill!

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  2. Fog wanders low on bronze fields – the whole Tanka was just beautiful but this is my favourite line, telling me how golden yet dry and devastating the season can be, artistic!

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