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Reverberations d’Vine

Writing Quadrilles using the word ‘echo’ over at d’Verse tonight.

I blended that with Palindrome writing.


Words trounce sunflowers blooming full yellow golden heads sunward
Sunward heads golden yellow full blooming sunflowers trounce words
Hands bleeding honey dripping dew buzz bees buzz with
With buzz bees buzz dew dripping honey bleeding hands
Turning echoes


© Jilly’s Poetry & Photos


A wild soul writing poetry.

30 thoughts on “Reverberations d’Vine

    1. Thanks! Those sunflowers are sitting on my kitchen table and needed to be shot before they die – which is any moment now 🙂 They also demanded I put them in a poem… who am I to argue with a flower?

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  1. Wow! Palindromes fit well with the echo theme and they aren’t easy. I like how sunflowers trounce words and words trounce sunflowers, touching on how art and subject echo/interact.

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    1. Thanks Janice! I started with those two words (trounce words) and a vase of dying sunflowers in my kitchen and it just kinda flowed out of an exhausting Monday! Glad you stopped by!

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  2. On the way down here to leave my comment, I had to stop and listen to Killer Queen…I love Queen! Thanks for that. 🙂 Palindromes are tricky…you pulled it off beautifully with echoes of sunflowers and buzzing bees, fun.
    Gayle ~

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