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A Life Most Irksome

Light housekeeping she sets in place
With charming knickknacks in the space
Feathers her nest in anticipation
Past plans to leave in abjuration

Whistling, humming quite content her knitting
Booties, blankies, for her children fitting
Unknown to her my ire rising
How dare she thrive, so surprising

Audacity her cloak and cape
To build her life is her mistake
I cannot bear the very sight
My teeth on edge all through the night

As I consider how she spins and toils
Red before my eyes, my blood boils
The hatred floods my head and heart
She now must go at once depart!

The fruit as like for eve prepare
Temptation placed within her lair
Baited she will now be fated
Fall upon her back six legs sated

© Jilly's

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A wild soul writing poetry & fiction while teaching high school literature, all with a camera in tow.

24 thoughts on “A Life Most Irksome

  1. OK, I thought I had it figured out until the 6 legs fell on her back. Was she a spider being eaten by the fly? It’s got a lot of suspense. At first I thought it was an irate husband, you got me there. I’ve got to know, what was it?

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  2. A horrid being deserves such a fate! I love the venom in your poet’s voice… and the fearful loathing. I know only one insect that brings such feelings, and you allude but do not name. Wonderfully vivid and yet restrained.

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    1. I’m pretty cool about all kinds of critters – I’ve discovered that the gnat who hangs around my wine glass is a great conversationalist 😉 However, when a cockroach moves in I consider that an act of open war!


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