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That day arrived when my Wrangler was delivered, the green Sahara with trail cloth seats and a kickin’ sound bar.  Top down 10 months out of the year and we were in drought there in South Carolina.  This was the drive that defined me and I would play Santana level ten, red hair flyin’ in the wind, burnt orange lipstick, darkest of dark sunglasses, singing at the top of my alto voice, screamin’ when it screamed, crying when it wept, and dancing at the lights.  “We saw you yesterday on Harbison Boulevard,’ he said with an indulgent grin.  “Ah,” said I, and was I singing?” They smirked and did not reply. “Too bad about that rod,” I said privately, digging in my purse for the keys and skipping on my merry way.

A blistering sun

Carolina skies deep blue

Straight on in the wind

© Jilly’s

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A wild soul writing poetry & fiction while teaching high school literature, all with a camera in tow.

30 thoughts on “Jeepin’

  1. Good for you! Nothing like a kickin’ sound system and red liptstick to chase away the blues. I really enjoyed this. It brought back days of my singing I Will survive and beating up on the dash of my car….yeah, too bad! 🙂

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  2. I have had a crush on Rob since I cannot remember, his voice and persona has me smiling every time I watch him or listen to his voice, its a voice that helped through some difficult times. I love that you chose him and your haiku was beautiful! the image so perfectly etched in my mind how a day with him should be like!

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