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Dark Side of Me

A Floyd introspection
Not quite,
Just pinging off the edges,IMG_0854
Of depression

Asking that pressing
Question why a life
Lived like an ineffective
Sperm unable
To penetrate the inside
Circle is too
In its embraceable
Impotency to be


© Jilly’s Poetry and Photography






A wild soul writing poetry & fiction while teaching high school literature, all with a camera in tow.

26 thoughts on “Dark Side of Me

  1. Hmm, glory in ineffectiveness…kind of reminds me of that scene at the beginning of Robinson Crusoe when his dad is talking about how wonderful the middle class is precisely because it’s not at any extreme.


    1. Too easy, and too empty. What Jill’s poetic voice is asking is something deeper. What is there in life that lets some in and keeps others outside looking in? And is it the “mean” people who bar the door, or the “nice”? This is a potent poem.

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      1. I agree it is potent and my because was not flippant in any way nor do I think of it as empty. Quite the opposite. The glory which cannot be denied. Each life is a glorious thing. Outside looking in or inside looking out. Judgement of better our worse is ours whilst life itself just is. Because.

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      2. I reread my response. I hope I didn’t come off as combative, because I respect you as a word crafter. Sometimes I long to see our fellow bloggers dig a bit deeper. I know you are more than capable of responding, and relied on your humor to take this as it was meant. If I offended, please forgive. Offense was not intended.

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