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There is a special store where we travel many miles to stock up.  The filter, whole beans, water carefully poured and the timer set for 5.  Buzzing grinder erupts one flight below just 10 minutes before the alarm so that when showers are complete there is a freshly brewed yellow cup to the brim waiting on the bathroom sink where you have slipped it through the steam and tea tree shampoo aroma cloud that I might sip and makeup and hair all at once.  Another one is topped of the travel variety, squeezing out the final drop just after the third period bell and the last one that we share after dinner while we write and laugh and have a cookie with it.  From time to time there are rumors of shortages and rising prices and I wonder what

I would sacrifice

If coffee were priced like gold

Between the Tropics

© Jilly’s Poem & Photo


Join us over at dVerse where we are exploring 
Fears through Haibun form :)


A wild soul writing poetry & fiction while teaching high school literature, all with a camera in tow.

22 thoughts on “Rumors

  1. If coffee were priced like gold, I would switch to mint tea which I sort of prefer, but it doesn’t give me the buzz which I could probably do without. But maybe I can’t do without it. I’m drinking some right now.

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  2. Coffee: It’s what’s for Dinner. The mere thought of a shortage… a price jump… or the only option left being those annoying little cup thingies that only make a cup…. I love the voice you give this piece, Jill! I’m certain — you being a teacher and all — that you could have really given us the willies with tales of school. 🙂


  3. If coffee were priced like gold, I would do as I do now and not drink it. Coffee is not one of my faves. However, if tea were priced like gold, I would figure something out….the poem at the end is interesting and ties up the haibun in a neat little package.

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  4. I don’t know what I’d do if coffee went sky high. The coffee pot was about 100.00. The monthly supply in k cups at it’s cheapest is 15.00. Oh wait, I guess it has already gone sky high. I wouldn’t have thought about it if you hadn’t mentioned it. lol. Actually, I like the brew. I’m just hoping the pot lasts longer. We baby it all the time

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  5. Our generations have never experienced really serious food shortages, although we’ve probably heard about them. During the war there was no end of shortages, which people learned to live with, but since then we have got used to having so much.


      1. I updated my bio after realizing it was extremely boring, ha. I hope it’s a little better at least. I didn’t live in SC for long (my dad was military and we moved from there when I was one), so I don’t remember anything about it. I’d love to visit there someday. Whereabouts in SC did you live?

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      2. Columbia. So, if your dad was military I’d guess Ft. Jackson – Army (Columbia) or Parris Island (Marines). It is beautiful there but the summers are milder here in Florida. Go figure! If you ever decide to go, I suggest Charleston in the spring.

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      3. So the whole time I lived in SC I had wind chimes – never heard them. No breeze. 95% humidity and 95 degrees. Blah! We live in Orlando and the sea breeze kicks in by mid-afternoon, often with a shower. And my chimes are always at it! Where is your friend?

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  6. What a lovely and peaceful scene with the steaming shower and steaming cup of coffee awaiting you. I drink coffee only on occasion so don’t worry about a price increase but something tells me people would find a way to keep enjoying it. Habits die hard.


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