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Encompassing the Day

East into the sun
     Rise to salute the day
     Light turning my face
Into the joy
     Full hours of casting seeds

South following her
     Across the sky
     Galloping blazing burning
My cheeks blinding
     My eyes shaded by
Nothing less than

West chasing pink
     Falling behind laughing
     Lagging tumbling onto
The cool evening grass
     Tiny sprouts casting
Giant shadows
Boastfully before

     Star riding up to
     Ward off the demons of the day
Who linger unafraid
Of all but that one
We spin
Spin dance
Amidst the music letting
     It fill us for another

© Jilly's 

Day 6
Write a poem that looks at the same thing from various points of view.



A wild soul writing poetry & fiction while teaching high school literature, all with a camera in tow.

2 thoughts on “Encompassing the Day

  1. I feel very much the effect of being pinned to one spot and being spun through the rose of the compass. A very effective use of words, direction, and misdirection to create a three dimensional poetic experience.


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