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Oh, Do You Know

Were it not for that fatal
flaw we would have bought
that house on Drury Lane
which was so fitting considering
all of my perfect muffin recipes

Oh, there were the usual blue
berry, banana nut and the infinitely
naughty double
chocolate chip that could
hardly be called breakfast
but we didn’t buy that

house that city
proved itself
to be the perfect recipe
for suffering which
is supposed to build
character but only
added bitters
to the glass

© Jilly's 

Day 2 at NaPoWriMo
and our prompt is to write a poem about a recipe
or in the form of a recipe.
Write on, y'all!


A wild soul writing poetry & fiction while teaching high school literature, all with a camera in tow.

10 thoughts on “Oh, Do You Know

  1. Your structuring of this poem, Jill, is immaculate! Your placement of breaks brings me to a pause. Causes me to read again. See the deep pleasure turned to deep wounds. And, oh, the mixology of your poetic cocktail slipped across the bar!


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