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Behold! April

Standing on the cusp of April, our beloved month of verse!  
I will be attempting, once more, to write at least 
one poem each day and post it here.  
I will also be adding to 'Mining For Lines' prompts.  
Feel free to share anything you write in response!  
In addition, I am setting a goal to participate in 
Wordless Wednesday throughout the month.  
Write on, my friends!   Jilly :)


April is only

cruel when we are denied

joy in poetry

The agony the

utter ecstasy of verse

in a land of waste

Embrace sweet April

stir life round the batter bowl

taste and see the good

The wretched in all

imagery dipped and dripping

puddling at my feet

© Jilly’s March 31, 2017


A wild soul writing poetry.

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